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California Center for the Arts, Escondido Theatricals

World Premier Production


Conceived: Jordan Beck

Book: Robert L. Freedman

Music: Carmel Dean, Matt Gould, Adam Gwon,

Anna K. Jacobs, and Gerald Sternbach

Lyrics: Jordan Beck, Mindi Dickstein, Matt Gould, Adam Gwon, and Anna K. Jacobs

Direction: J Scott Lapp

Scenic Design: Matthew Herman

Lighting Design: Zach Blane

Costume Design: Janet Pitcher

Sound Design: Jon Fredette

Projection Design: Andrew Nagy

Best Scenic Design of a Play or Musical - BroadwayWorld San Diego Awards 2022 

"Matthew Herman’s set is a character and a wonder in itself. An austere and imposing assemblage of gray and brown, wood and stone, it features elevating walls... (a rising/falling doorframe, two trap openings in the floor, a turntable, and a suspended shelf of books, including the diaries. It’s a stunning creation of technical wizardry...

- Pat Launer - Times of San Diego

Dear Diary
The Heading Says.._

PC: Ken Jacques

Darkest Moment
Beastly Lie 1

PC: Ken Jacques

Star-Shaped Patch 2
At Night Things Suddenly Go Crazy
We Are Here 2
Typing Song
Fox in the Field
Like in a Film
Trip to the Butcher
On That Day
On That Day 2
Paper Drop

1/4" Scale Model

Witnesses Model
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